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Dear Symposium Attendee,

The National Medal of Science Symposium celebrates the accomplishments of two Northwestern University faculty members, Professor Jan Achenbach and Professor Tobin Marks, who were recently awarded the National Medal of Science by President George W. Bush at the White House in July 2007.  The National Science Foundation administers the prestigious award program, which was established by Congress in 1959. It honors individuals for “pioneering scientific research in a range of fields, including physical, biological, mathematical, social, behavioral and engineering sciences, that enhances our understanding of the world and leads to innovations and technologies that give the United States its global economic edge.”  Achenbach and Marks are Northwestern’s first two National Medal of Science medalists. 

Professor Achenbach was honored for his seminal contributions to engineering research and education in the area of wave propagation in solids and for pioneering the field of quantitative non-destructive evaluation.  Professor Marks was honored for his pioneering research in the areas of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, organo-f-element chemistry, new electronic and photonic materials, and diverse areas of coordination and solid state chemistry.

The National Medal of Science Symposium will be held on Wednesday, May 14, 2008 at Northwestern University in the James L. Allen Center, 2169 Campus Drive, Evanston, Illinois.  We are very pleased to announce an exciting technical program for the symposium including:

There is no charge for attendance at the symposium, but space is limited and reservations will be taken on a first-come first-serve basis, so please register early.  We look forward to seeing you there.


Mark Hersam

Mark C. Hersam,
Chair, Organizing Committee of the National Medal of Science Symposium
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Professor of Chemistry
Northwestern University